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Welcome to Dance Estelle


DANCE ESTELLE gives youngsters a chance to get involved in the dynamic world of showbiz in an exciting, safe and educational way working with professional teachers. Combining dance, synchronise swimming and much more from the age of 3 years through to a professional level.

Classes on offer include:

* Street & Commercial Jazz * Tap * Ballet * Modern/Lyrical * Gym / Limbering

* Boys Street dance * Adult Commercial Jazz/Street dance

* Twinkle Toes (3-6 year)

* Special workshops will also be available specializing in basic acrobatics, strength & stamina building, flexibility, audition skills and useful practical info on how to make it in showbiz.

Estelle Clifton is East Anglia’s most successful choreographer and teacher, personally teaching the exciting and dynamic classes. Estelle’s aim is to mentally and physically prepare a student from a young age ready to further their training and achieve their goal in show business.
DANCE ESTELLE has been running since September 2003. Since opening, Dance Estelle has had many students that have gone on to professional Dance Colleges to further their career in Show business.
Numerous students have appeared alongside international professional artistes in Peter Jay’s Christmas and Water Spectacular and because of the high standard they achieve remain to be invited back each year.
Our Dance Estelle end of term show is performed every July at the Hippodrome Circus. They show many different styles of dance from tap, ballet, gym, modern, lyrical, street and commercial jazz. The end of term performance shows the improved ability of the students to their fullest potential.


“It is a privilege to be part of every student’s journey, to watch a pupil become more confident in person, more technical in ability and grow into the people they’re going to be”


DANCE ESTELLE has a young Commercial Dance Group ' elite' who often perform around local Holiday Parks, Venues & Competitions. The 'elite' Company Class is by invitation only.


All Students will get to perform in the Dance Estelle Yearly plus special annual guest appearances at the Hippodrome Christmas Circus and Water Spectacular alongside artistes from all over the world in an amazing show.

The Hippodrome Great Yarmouth

Dance Estelle Studios

Hippodrome Circus St. Georges Road. Great Yarmouth.

Norfolk NR302EU

2021 Show
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Commercial Dance Group ' elite'

For more info please contact

Estelle Clifton

Estelle Clifton (AISTD/FDE) - Principal
M: 07787890885

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